Every now and then it is natural for us to feel a bit low, and it can impact on our self-esteem. Whether you need to boost your motivation before a pole class, work meeting, or social event, sometimes we need a little help, and FAST! So, here are my top 3 tips to help turbo-charge your self-confidence in as little time as possible.

Follow these tips any time you are feeling a little lethargic and down in the dumps, to elevate your mood:

Power Pose

In 2012 Amy Cuddy gave a Ted Talk discussing the benefits of practicing ‘power poses’ in boosting your business success. A Harvard researcher, she explained that holding these poses helps to increase testosterone, which in turns makes you feel more motivated, confident and ready to take on any challenges ahead of you. Pretty cool, huh?

It is true that your emotions often reflect your body language. Think about it, when you are feeling happy you use happy, open body language, which invites social interaction and improves your mood further. You can even recreate emotions, such as anger or sadness, by mimicking the body language – if you hold your fists and jaw clenched, or your head down and mouth down-turned, you can begin to feel your mood changing. So, it makes sense that you can also use your posture to positively influence your mood.

Hack: The most common power pose is the ‘Wonder Woman’. Stand with your hands on your waist, feet slightly wider than hip width, and your chin lifted up. If you hold this pose for 2 minutes a day, you are sure to improve your self-confidence and feel more self-assured.


Write a List Of Achievements

Feeling like you haven’t achieved everything you have wanted to? That you ‘can’t’ do that new pole move, ask for a promotion, or go socialising with people you don’t know? Your confidence might be low if you are experiencing self-doubt and negative thoughts.

However, you are a lot more fearless and adventurous than you realise. Take some time to reflect on all the times in the last 2 months / 6 months / year that you have tried something new. Whether it was trying a new food, travelling somewhere you hadn’t been before, or taking up a new hobby. You can also include all the pole moves you learned! It definitely takes some balls to even step into a pole class, let alone learn all these impressive spins, tricks and transitions.

Hack: Compose a list of all of the new things you have tried in the past year. If you are able to challenge yourself in these ways, and succeed, then you sure as hell can try whatever might be denting your confidence. Let this list serve as a reminder of how awesomely bad ass you are. Sometimes you don’t know just how much you have managed to do until it is written on paper.

Beat Procrastination

One of the best ways to boost your self-confidence is to get out of the ‘fear cycle’. We often become slaves to fear and we allow it to stop our progress, and prevent us from working and living productively. We worry about what will or won’t happen, or we are anxious about not being perfect, so we procrastinate and put things off. This leads you to feeling demotivated, anxious and lacking confidence.

Hack: Have a think… What have you been putting off simply because you are feeling a bit down / demotivated / worried? Maybe it is something as simple as clearing out your old clothes, or perhaps it is a work or school project that you haven’t started yet. Tackling even the smallest task on your to-do list can help to boost your self-confidence, and put a positive spin on your day.


Whenever you are feeling like you ‘can’t’ do something, when your confidence is low and you are lacking motivation, try these techniques to help you get that ‘can do’ attitude, and get you back on track.

What are your tips?

Do you have any quick confidence hacks that you use to boost your mood? Anything that makes you feel that you are ready to take on the day? Let me know in the comments.

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