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A Piece of Pole History: An Interview With Diane Day

  You see that right? That’s a televised pole dancing performance from 1973. The history of pole is unique in that, although many of its founders are still alive, our records are spurious and continuously undermined by mainstream attempts to rewrite it. We must work together to highlight and honour the contributions of those who […]

Qualities of an excellent pole dancing instructor – Adaptability

I am hoping to write a little series detailing some of the qualities that make an excellent pole / dance instructor, and I’ve had some classes and privates recently that sparked this first installment. Adaptability – able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. Why is this important? Well, there’s a number of different ways […]

“Why do you offer pole dancing in heels?”

They are iconic – these platform stilettos, often transparent with clear plastic straps and heels higher than any shoe you’ve ever laid eyes upon. “I couldn’t walk in those, let alone dance!!!” so many people exclaim when they see Peach’s small (OK – shamefully expansive) collection of pole dancing heels. So, why do we dance […]

Why Do You Call Yourself an ‘Empowerment Studio’?

I (Peach) decided to strap line the Feelin’ Peachy name with ‘pole, dance & empowerment studio’ for many reasons. When I was developing my plan for the studio I didn’t just want to be another pole studio offering pole dancing classes – I wanted to incorporate some of the other things I am passionate about, […]

Benefits of Pole Dancing Classes in Wirral

Have you been looking for pole dancing classes in Wirral? Perhaps you are looking for an exciting and fun way to work on your fitness, socialise with people and grow your confidence? Pole dancing classes are the perfect solution, read on to find out about the many benefits of pole dancing. Physical Benefits of Pole […]