Chair Dancing Classes in Wirral

Chair dance classes are a sexy and sultry way to get your body moving, improve your fitness and mobility, and boost your self-confidence and body confidence.

What is chair dancing?

Chair dance is a form of dance most often associated with burlesque or strip tease. You use a chair as an apparatus to move around, balance on and facilitate lots of interesting moves and techniques to tease, tantalise and release your inner sexy kitty.

The style of chair dance that we do at the studio develops from the sexy Burlesque roots, adding sky high heels, and super seductive movements to ramp up the hotness! You will see lots of hip circles and hair flicks! You will also see inspiration from heels dance styles such as Vogue Femme, Twerk, Strip Plastic, and Commercial.

What are the benefits of taking chair dancing classes in Wirral?

Chair dancing classes are a fun adult dance class on the Wirral that offers amazing benefits, including:

  • Improved strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness
  • Feel more confident in yourself and your body
  • A somewhat gentler exercise than Pole Dancing so perfect for those who need to ‘ease in’, who want something less rigorous, or for those that want a complimentary class to cross-train
  • Have a laugh, socialise and meet like-minded people
  • Learn super fun routines, and find out all the amazing things your body is capable of!

Heels are not obligatory, so classes can be done in bare feet. Additionally, if you have any health concerns or ailments we can offer alternatives for moves and choreography. Any serious knee issues etc must be discussed first with your instructor.

“Get me on that chair!”

Chair dancing classes can be booked as 4-week courses (starting at the beginning of each new month), or PAYG to suit your schedule. You can book online by visiting the BOOK NOW page.

You don’t need any previous dance or fitness experience to enjoy this class.