I (Peach) decided to strap line the Feelin’ Peachy name with ‘pole, dance & empowerment studio’ for many reasons. When I was developing my plan for the studio I didn’t just want to be another pole studio offering pole dancing classes – I wanted to incorporate some of the other things I am passionate about, and build up this space to be a place where women can achieve so much more.

For me, it was a no brainer to fuse my love of pole dancing with my love of personal development, wellbeing and confidence coaching. I had been doing the two side by side already; I was teaching confidence workshops at pole studios around the UK, doing 1-2-1 confidence coaching sessions with pole clients, and building up people’s self-confidence in the studio during their classes. Pole and empowerment through dance and coaching go together like banana and nutella (or… cheese and onion, or… beans and toast – you get the gist!).

Pole dancing is amazing for building up people’s self-confidence, but from my experience, at some point most people need a little extra push to reach their full potential. This is where the other techniques and services come in to help enhance your pole and confidence journey, allowing you to fully commit to your wellbeing, self-love and personal development.

How does this impact your studio as a local community business?

Overall, the concept of ’empowerment’ is about how we can empower ourselves, but also how we, as a community, can empower and lift each other up. Having a studio is a fundamental and brilliant aspect of this, allowing us to build up community bonds so that we are able to better empower ourselves and others. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I don’t believe this ends once you hit adulthood – it takes a community to lift each other up, support each other, and encourage each other, to allow us to feel empowered to reach our goals.

It is all a part of the Feelin’ Peachy studio ethos:

💖 Positivity

💖 Love

💖 Acceptance / Non-Judgement 

💖 Compassion

💖 Evolution

Positivity in our outlook and how we navigate the challenges we face, and the ways we bring positivity to other’s lives and experiences.

Love for ourselves and our friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Acceptance of who we are and who other people are too, and the ability to not judge ourselves or others for those things we cannot or do not want to change.

Compassion to ourselves and to those we meet.

Finally – Evolution in who we are, in what we are achieving, and in how we facilitate and encourage the growth of others.

To put it simply, it is about finding your P.L.A.C.E – a home, a community and a support network.

For the Feelin’ Peachy studio – empowerment isn’t simply a sexy sounding buzz word that we can throw in to feel like we are doing good, it is a way of life and a way of building our studio around our fundamental values and beliefs. Every class, every decision, and every investment made into the studio is done so on how we can best service our community and encourage an environment that is simply bursting at the seams with all the good juju.

Want to keep those good vibes rolling?

You can enquire into joining the studio via our contact form.

We offer discounted taster sessions for our beginner pole dancing tricks sessions for those who would like to try before they book a course. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on when these are taking place.

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