Online Pole, Dance & Fitness Classes

Looking to stay active at home? Can’t make it to the studio when we reopen but still want to participate? We are offering a variety of online classes for you to enjoy. There is a mix of pole based classes, and classes that do not require ANY specialist equipment. The majority of our online classes are suitable for ALL levels.

Pole Routines – Themed

Learn fun, entertaining and inspiring pole routines that are suitable for any pole dancer, regardless of your experience. Every week we dance to music from our favourite movies, musicals, Drag artists and more. Anything that makes us feel excited to dance!

These routines are about connecting with great music to learn routines that make us feel GOOD. There are NO tricks, and plenty of variations for more difficult moves.

You will need: a pole

Exotic Chair Dancing

You will learn sexy and seductive chair based choreography that will leave you feeling super sultry. This class is sure to boost your self-confidence and body-confidence, so strap on your heels and let’s hair flick and booty shake.

This class is open level, so you do not need any prior dance or fitness experience.

You will need: a chair, knee pads and pole heels optional 

Strong is Sexy: X-Rated Conditioning Class

Ready to get a sweat on? In style…

In this class we ask ‘why does conditioning have to be boring?’ We strap on our heels and get seriously sexy as we build up our strength at the same time. You will be working your muscles through classic stripper style floor work and traditional conditioning moves that have been ‘spiced up’ for extra hotness.

You will need: a chair, kneepads or yoga mat, pole heels optional 

Mixed Ability Pole With Peach

If you’ve done pole before at Feelin’ Peachy and have one at home then join us for mixed ability pole with Peach every week to work on your strength and keep your spins, seats and pole fundamentals polished. This class is a non-inverting class, and designed to suit a range of abilities.

You will need: a pole

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We have all of the above classes, plus many other amazing sessions to get you dancing and having fun the Feelin’ Peachy way!