Here at Feelin’ Peachy we offer pole dancing classes in Wirral for those looking to also learn the art and skill Exotic dance.

Why try an exotic dance pole class?

There’s lots of reasons to try exotic dance, particularly pole dancing in high heel shoes. It can seem quite intimidating when you first see a dancer in their sky scraper platforms, but with the right training anyone can learn how to balance and move gracefully in heels.

The benefits of pole dancing in high heels include:

  • Improve balance, posture and muscle control.
  • Strengthen your ankles, legs and core.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
  • Explore your femininity and sensuality in a safe, judgement-free environment.
  • Develop body awareness, graceful movement and dance skills.

Why try exotic dance pole dancing in heels at Feelin’ Peachy?

When it comes to training this form of pole dance, you want your standards to be as high as your heels. So, make sure you are coming to an instructor who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to pole dancing in stilettos.

  • Peach has been training, dancing and performing in exotic dance styles for several years, competing in national level competitions with a focus on heels based pole dance.
  • As an instructor, she has extensive experience teaching heels specific techniques in classes and workshops across the UK, including instruction on the mechanics of heels, exotic choreography, flow and tricks.
  • The Feelin’ Peachy pole dance studio Wirral offers a safe, inclusive and welcoming space to explore an aspect of dance and expression that can sometimes feel nerve-wracking or taboo. Everyone deserves to explore all aspects of their personality, and that includes our sassy and sensual side!

What to expect from an exotic dance class at Feelin’ Peachy

Every class starts with a warm up, usually in bare feet, to get our bodies prepped and primed for the unique challenges of exotic dance class. From there, we will don our high heels (or not, they are not essential) and get ready for class; there are specific brands of heels that work well for pole dancing, but to begin with, you can wear a regular set of heels to see if it’s for you!

Exotic dance classes focus specifically on the techniques around dancing in shoes, and because there is SO much to learn class content will vary, but you can expect to learn the following during an average heels course:

  • The mechanics of dancing in high heel shoes. There are lot to think about when you go from dancing barefoot to in heels, and these include balance points, muscle engagement and weight distribution. Peach has you covered!
  • Spins, combos, and transitions are the essential elements which come together to create what we call exotic ‘flow’ – basically a pretty word for moving from one move to the next in a fluid motion. You will learn new and innovative ways to move around the pole and between moves.
  • Choreography is an important aspect of every exotic dance course, and you can expect to work on a new short choreographed routine each month.
  • Floor work, as well as being a great deal of fun, often plays an essential role in any choreographed exotic routine.
  • Performance – not only does Peach show you how dance in high heels, but also how to perform those moves and give them that extra bit of attitude!
  • Freestyle – Peach believes it is important for every student to learn to dance freely and without following her. She doesn’t want mini me clones, but to give you the confidence to express yourself and dance in a way that is comfortable for you. Although freestyle sounds very scary, Peach has exercises and techniques to get you EXCITED to freestyle.

Each class is finished with a cool down, with plenty of stretching to improve your flexibility and soothe your aching muscles (because pole dancing in heels isn’t just a great laugh, it’s a great workout too!).

Want to get started?

We usually request that people complete at least 1-2 months of a Beginner Pole Dancing course (either at Feelin’ Peachy or another studio) before signing up for their first exotic dance class. Why? Because it’s hugely beneficial to start your exotic journey with some basic pole knowledge – you will be grateful for the anatomical understanding, body awareness and fitness you’ve gained from those classes when transferring those skills to your exotic classes.

However, this isn’t essential, and you can start an exotic class without this background if you wish.