1-2-1 Private Pole Dancing Classes in Wirral

  • Maybe you are too shy or nervous to join a group pole dance class?
  • Perhaps you want tailored, dedicated lessons plans based on your ability and skills?
  • Or, possibly you are just an attention hog? 😉

In any case, 1-2-1 private pole dancing classes are an amazing option for those looking to feel fitter, healthier and happier.

What could pole dance do for you?

  • Imagine yourself, laughing, smiling and feeling accomplished.
  • Picture how much better you are feeling, how happy and confident.
  • Hear yourself talking about how much fun you had at your session to your best girl friends.
  • Feel your body feeling fitter and stronger every week.
  • See yourself smashing goals, building muscle, and learning an amazing new skill.

Whatever your goals are pole dancing can help you achieve them!

“What do you work on in a private class?”

Because the hour is all your own, we can tailor it exactly to you!

But, to give you an idea, we offer:

  • Pole Fitness – learn pole tricks, spins and moves to improve your strength, fitness and mobility.
  • Pole Choreography – learn choreography, transitions, and how to DANCE around the pole.
  • Exotic Pole – strap on those heels and discover your inner sexy minx.
  • Stretch and flex – work on improving your flexibility and strength.

Just let us know your level and what you are looking to work on. We love having completely new starters in our private sessions, so don’t worry if you have never done pole dance before!

Who are they good for?

  • Plus size ladies
  • Little ladies
  • Tall Glamazons
  • Athletes
  • Sofa surfers
  • 20 somethings to 50 somethings
  • And everyone in between! Pole has a HUGE variety of students from all backgrounds.

We tailor every private class to the individual to ensure they are getting exactly the training they require to reach their goals.

“How do I book?”

Message us via the contact form below, and your 1-2-1 private instructor will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your goals with you.

Sessions are £30 per hour, or 4 for £100 (valid for 8 weeks).

We have availability on 5:30pm Monday to Thursday, Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and Sundays.

Your sessions do NOT need to be the same time every week, so it works around YOUR schedule.

Send us mail