The ‘Pie Chart Of Sexy’ is my favourite way to describe the elements necessary to be a good classique or stripper style pole dancer. There are three aspects that I believe make up a successful performer. When I went to see The Authentic Pole Dance Competition this year there were great examples of all three of these traits, and even if you don’t excel in one aspect, making up for it with another showcases your strengths and shows that you are a unique and memorable performer.

Technique & Skill

Being able to execute your moves, transitions and tricks in a smooth and clean manner is definitely important to enhance your overall sexy allure on stage. Nothing makes a heart race like lovely, smooth wavy legs, a clean invert or a graceful transition. Although by no means the most important factor, working to ensure your routine is strong, flowing and ‘finished’ gives your performance a polish, meaning that there won’t be any minor errors or mistakes in your dancing to detract away from your sex appeal.

When you are rehearsing your routine or free styling, pay attention to the ‘little things’ such as your invert, transitions between tricks, climbing, and how you finish off moves (especially floor work). Try and extend through your limbs as much as you can, give your movements time to breathe by pausing in them, and look how your moves flow into one another.

Presentation & Aesthetic

By presentation and aesthetic do not be confused into thinking I refer to body type or any of that nonsense. Whether you are a skinny, mini minx or a big, bodacious beauty, you can be a sexy Goddess. When I refer to presentation and aesthetic I refer to your costume, makeup and the overall artistic vision your present in your performance and dance.

Make an effort in what you wear, tell a story in your costume and channel what inspires you. Are you a gothic mistress? A mesmerising snake charmer? A naughty teacher? Put together a cohesive and interesting visual feast for your audience, and it will help to enhance the impact of your routine.

Confidence & Attitude

By far the most important aspect of your performance is the attitude and confidence that you bring to the stage. Engaging with the audience with eye contact and facial expressions is very important, and can make a real difference between your performance being simply entertaining, and mind blowing. People respond very positively to someone who projects confidence and self-love when they dance.

I give confidence and attitude the biggest portion of the pie because for me it is one thing I always notice when I watch other people perform. If they are nervous or insecure you can see it when they dance, and I feel like shaking them and saying ‘OH MY GOD YOU DID AMAZING!’. Embrace yourself and love yourself, and the audience will sense this when they watch you and they will enjoy watching you even more.


Sexy isn’t just one set cookie mould that you must fit in to, and as Tiff Finney shows in her recent Pole Theatre performance, sexy is whatever you want to make of it. Whether you are fat, thin, flat-chested, busty, tall, short, weird, male, female, gender queer, LGBT+, whatever – you are uniquely you, and uniquely sexy in YOUR way. You will notice that all of your favourite sexy pole dancers have one thing in common – they all ooze self-confidence, attitude, and a magnetic sensuality. Focus on these three aspects of pole performance and your sex-appeal will noticeably improve.

What makes you feel sexy? What is unique about you? Let me know in the comments, and until next time – Stay sexy! *kisses*


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