Everyone who has been pole dancing for a while knows that your pole family is the absolute BEST!

Here are the top reasons why we love our pole family:

They always validate your need for yet another pair of Pleasers

You have all seen each other in several stages of undress, including completely starkers… and no one’s batted an eye!

They will check for any unfortunate ‘gash flash’ whilst you pull as many flexi poses as you can

They are always there to listen to you moan about the muggles and how they just ‘don’t get’ pole dancing

They will never judge you for your floor fuckery, in fact they will probably join in the hump sesh


hey always got your back when you are running low on pole grip

But most of all we just love spending time with them

How amazing are your pole family? What is your favourite thing about them? Let me know in the comments below ♥

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