IMGL82381 editWhether you are a seasoned pro or a pole newbie, there are 5 poses that should be on every dancer’s pole shoot pose list. They make everyone look fab, show off all your best assets, and give major oomph with minimal physical effort. These poses are simple and pretty, and there’s a reason they are all classic shots.

In my recent photo shoot with Olly Clarke, I decided against dedicating a lot of time to difficult and advanced tricks. In fact, I only spent 10 minutes of my 60 minute slot doing any tricks. In the end, I chose none of the trick shots because I found I preferred the simple shots more. They capture my personality, and I was able to connect with the camera a lot more. If you are looking to capture your latest trick and want a memory of your pole progress, then definitely bang out some of your awesome moves. However, if you want your shoot to focus on your beauty, personality and attitude then consider dedicating a portion of your shoot on these classic poses.

  • Standing Poses

Standing poses include any poses where you are next to or around the pole. These are great because they are flattering, allow you to inject your personality into the image, and don’t tire you out. You can experiment with different angles, placing your legs in different positions to find what works for you. These images can be gentle and feminine, fierce and full of attitude, or sexy and sensual, it is up to you! They show case your costume and makeup choices too.

sarah scott

Sarah Scott, The Image Cella

  • Lunge

Everyone loves a good lunge. It shows off all of your best ‘ass’-ets (wink), demonstrates your flexibility and looks goddam sexy! Sarah Scott looks great here in an image with The Image Cella photography, and is the perfect example of how a simple pose such as a lunge can give you some of the best photos of a whole shoot. Whether you are barefoot or in heels, with or without the pole, the lunge can be used in many different shoot scenarios, and performed in different ways depending on the type of image you want to create.

natasha wang Faceiro Chris Underwoos

Natasha Wang, Faceiro – Chris Underwood

  • Pole Seat

Even pro polers love a pretty pole seat during their photoshoots. Demonstrated beautifully here by Natasha Wang with Faceiro photography. A seat can look feisty, fierce or feminine, depending on how you pose your arms and legs, and your facial expressions. It is a wonderfully versatile move that simultaneously incorporates the pole more than lunges and standing poses, whilst not being too difficult or energy consuming.

pike pin up

Featuring pin up art by Alberto Vargas – Photo by Lulu Dolls Photography

  • Pike Variations

My favourite thing about pike poses is how much they remind me of vintage pin ups. This move looks great with a lot of choices when it comes to leg variations, arm positions and facial expressions. This pose definitely lends itself well to pretty and girly images, especially if you decide to channel 1950s pin up fashion in your makeup, hair and outfit.

plank variations

Photos by Lulu Dolls photography

  • Plank Variations

The plank is by far one of the best photo shoot pose out there. It is super flattering, showing off everyone’s best and most delicious assets. It isn’t too difficult (you will have probably learned some form of layout or 2 handed plank in your beginners/intermediate levels) yet is looks fantastic and has a definite ‘wow factor’. If you are more advanced you can try a 1 handed plank, or go one step further and do a beautiful cross ankle release. There is no risk of getting any skin folds or rolls in this move that you may get in other tricks, so if you are self-conscious about your tummy for example, this pose is a must-have on your shoot list.


So, there you have it. My top 5 fundamental poses for pole photo shoots. If you have a shoot coming up I would definitely recommend including these into your plans. Please share with me your photoshoot poses demonstrating these beautiful, yet simple, moves, I would love to see them!


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