Wellbeing at Feelin’ Peachy

Prioritising self-care and personal development is one of the key stones of our philosophy and ethos. It is because of this there are a number of sessions and services available that aim to provide you with the time, attention and support you need to keep your mind, body and spirit feeling aligned and happy.

Whether you are looking to boost your self-confidence, strengthen your self-esteem, manage pain, or find ways to relax and beat the affects of daily stress, we have sessions to support you in your wellness goals.

Flexibility Classes

In this mixed ability flexibility class we will utilise strength and stretching techniques to improve the Range of Motion in our body.

Improved flexibility can help:

  • Everyday functioning.
  • Pain management.
  • Overall wellbeing and sense of calm.
  • Ability to achieve certain moves in pole class.

Every Sunday at 5pm. £9 PAYG or available as part of a package.

Meditation Classes

We will use different techniques included visualisation, mindfulness, and self-reflection to support us in feeling calmer, more peaceful, and energised. Meditation is a powerful tool to improve our wellbeing, including our spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Join us Sundays at 6:30pm – PAYG for £5 per session.