Peach Lee Ray, Confidence Coach UK

If you are looking for a confidence coach based in the UK, Peach provides coaching that will help you reach your confidence goals.

1-2-1 Confidence Coaching

One-to-one confidence coaching is completely tailored to you and the particular areas you want to work on. With a practical approach, my coaching sessions give you the tools and guidance you need to boost your confidence and build a strong sense of self-esteem.

In sessions tailored to you, I can help you with confidence issues including:

  • Body confidence
  • General self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Performance confidence
  • Empowered sensuality
  • Career confidence
  • Combating negative self-talk and limiting beliefs

How are sessions conducted?


I am happy to meet you face-to-face, in a mutually agreed location. To find out if I can travel to you pop me a message.


Most people choose to conduct their coaching online, usually via Skype or similar video calling platforms, but sometimes also over the phone. This option is convenient, flexible and private as you can conduct sessions from your own home at a time that suits you.

Email Support

Email coaching is utilised in order to support your progress. Emails will be used between face-to-face and Skype sessions to support the work done in the primary sessions, and to allow you to ‘touch base’ ahead of your next coaching session.

How are your confidence courses structured?

1 off, 1.5 hour ‘breakthrough’ confidence session: £75

If you want a general overview of your confidence journey, and do not want to commit to a full program, you can book me for a single ‘breakthrough’ session. Any additional sessions after this are 1 hour and at the regular price of £50.

4 week confidence coaching program: £200

The course allows you to have the 1.5 hour ‘breakthrough’ session, and the three follow on sessions, for a discounted rate.

Each confidence coaching course takes place over 4 weeks, including:

1x 1.5 hour ‘breakthrough’ session

3x 1 hour follow on sessions

Follow on appointments thereafter: £50 per session taken at your convenience

The majority of clients only need the initial 4 week course in order to see dramatic improvements in their self-confidence, but I do provide follow on sessions for those looking for ongoing support.

Contact me HERE to book your session.

Confidence Workshops & Talks

Confidence workshops and talks are a great way to empower your studio, work place or society. These 1 hour long to half day sessions offer a great alternative to traditional 1-2-1 coaching, by providing a group environment with practical techniques and advice on how to maximise their self-confidence and begin their self-love journey.

With my years of experience as a pole dancing instructor, I have seen first hand how an individual’s confidence can grow through just a small amount of care and attention. Like so many things, the hardest part about self-love is knowing where to begin, but my workshops and talks provide the guidance and motivation many need to begin their personal development.


I offer a number of workshops which are great for smaller groups. These include a theory based talk with plenty of techniques and concepts explained, along with group and individual exercises so that everyone goes away from the workshop with something practical and applicable to help them grow and build their self-confidence.

Topics covered include:

  • Body confidence
  • General self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Performance confidence – public speaking
  • Empowered sensuality
  • Career confidence – chasing your goals
  • Combating negative self-talk and limiting beliefs

Prices on request, depending on location and arrangement. Contact me HERE for more details.