Have you been looking for pole dancing classes in Wirral? Perhaps you are looking for an exciting and fun way to work on your fitness, socialise with people and grow your confidence? Pole dancing classes are the perfect solution, read on to find out about the many benefits of pole dancing.


Physical Benefits of Pole Dancing Classes Wirral

Pole dancing is a fantastic way to increase your activity levels and develop a healthy exercise routine.


Whether you are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, or maintain a weight that you feel confident and happy in, then pole offers something for you.


Dance, choreography and flow is a fun way to increase your heart rate and work your lungs.

Training with your own body weight is an effective way to build up your strength

Strength training is great for also keeping your skeletal structure safe, warding against issues such as osteoporosis, which is extremely common in women and has been shown to respond positively to weight training.

Building muscle leads to better overall health as it boosts your metabolism.

Spins, tricks and inverts all require a solid core strength. This is developed through gradual training, and is also essential for maintaining good balance and coordination, preventing nasty falls or accidents.

Whether you are reaching for the remote or tying your shoe laces, improving your flexibility can have the most surprising impact on your day-to-day life. Many moves in pole challenge you to stretch your muscles in new positions, increasing your range of motion.

Let’s be honest, you are fabulous at every size! But sometimes people want to lose weight, maintain their weight, or put weight on. Whatever your goal, whether that is to burn calories, keep up a healthy exercise regime, or to increase muscle mass to help you gain some weight, then pole can offer that (but just know, most people soon forget about this as soon as they start a class, it’s just too much fun to be worrying about such things!).

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Pole dancing has a way of improving your mood, regardless of whatever kind of day you’ve had. Some of the mental and emotional benefits of taking a pole dance class in the Wirral include:

Feel more positive about yourself and your day – every pole class allows you to work towards and achieve something new. Even if you’ve had a stinker of a day you know you will leave pole class having had a laugh and learned something new.

Improve your body confidence. Most people start pole struggling with confidence in relation to their physique – which is why many book on with fitness or weight loss in mind. However, pole can totally transform your relationship with your body in other ways:

Learn to appreciate bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Enjoy a judgement-free environment – we are all in shorts and crop tops, and no one gives a hoot! We are all too busy focusing on our next move we hardly notice ourselves let alone anyone else. And if they DO notice you, it’s probably because you look so rockin’!

Learn to love your body for all the awesome things it can DO, rather than focusing on how it looks or worrying what people think of you. You are far too fabulous for that.

Free to feel sexy, sensual and totally ‘present’ in yourself, a feeling we so often suppress or struggle to find in our daily lives. This ability to explore every aspect of our personality is especially affirming for those looking to explore their feminine side.

As adults it is often difficult to form new friendships and meet like-minded people. Taking up a hobby such as pole dancing classes can be the perfect opportunity to be a part of an inclusive and supportive community. Feelin’ Peachy runs regular social events to help facilitate strong studio bonds and help you get the most out of your pole experience.

For those who may be struggling with mental health conditions, pole can be a way to help you manage your symptoms (as an additional supportive method alongside your treatment plan as laid out by your GP or other qualified health professional). It can help to keep you positive, give you confidence affirming goals to work towards, and a safe space to bring you joy and support.