Video Feedback Service

Review of Your Pole Performance

For those looking to benefit from my (Peach’s) ‘X-ray pole vision’ and performance experience, you can book on for the video review service. This is where you can request a review of a performance piece, section of choreography, trick / move, or a specific issue. I will provide video feedback with detailed insight to support you in your progress.

pole dance video feedback review service

The potential benefits of video feedback:

  • Get a professional and experienced ‘external eye’
  • An unbiased opinion from a third party
  • Focused feedback to level up certain skills
  • Actionable changes to take to your next practice session

Videos submission guidelines:

  • For performances and competition pieces – Up to 4-5 minutes long (the standard length of a competition piece)
  • For individual moves, troubleshooting, or specific issues – Up to 3 individual moves or 2 longer combos or sequence, or 5-7 minutes, whichever comes first

The video feedback process involves:

  • I will look at your video submission, and perform an initial overview, taking notes and prepping the feedback.
  • I will then film the video containing live feedback side-by-side with your submission so you can see specifically what I am referring to, done via Zoom.
  • Video feedback length will vary depending on the amount of insight necessary but will typically be between 15-20 minutes.
  • The link to download this will then be sent to you via email

Video reviews are £15 per submission, or a pack of 4 for £50.

Single Video Review

A 15-20 minute video review to support you in your pole progress. Receive in-depth feedback on a competition or performance piece, or benefit from 'x-ray vision' over nemesis moves or challenging combos.

4 x Video Review Package

Looking for additional feedback or a review over time? The 4 package of video reviews gives you the opportunity to receive feedback over a series of videos, for example as you progress in a routine or whilst working on a combo over a month.