Coaching and Mentoring

For Pole Competitions and Performance

Are you looking to grow and evolve your pole practice?

Are you interested in finding pole excellence at your current level?

Are you preparing for a competition or event for which you want additional support or guidance?

Working with me, Peach, you can explore a range of coaching and video review services to support you in your pole goals. Whether you’re a first-time performer, or a seasoned dancer wanting to dive deeper into a skillset, I will help to supercharge your progress. 

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Benefit from My Pole Experience

My competition and performance prep packages provide ambitious and dedicated students with additional support in their pole goals. Whether you are an ambitious pole dancer looking to shine bright on the stage, or a pole dancer seeking greater confidence, creative insight, and emotional support in their dance journey, I am excited to help you reach your goals.

Whatever service you choose, you will benefit directly from over 9 years’ of pole experience (as a dancer, instructor and studio owner), allowing me to assist with:

  • Creativity, ideas, and story telling
  • Developing choreography
  • Improving flow and sequence building
  • Competition prep, expectations, and execution
  • Dance skill (from someone who did NOT do dance until they started pole!)
  • Adapting training to a chronic illness
  • Personal development and mindset coaching
  • X-ray vision – spotting exactly what is going wrong or what is holding you back from attaining a skill
  • Providing actionable, honest, and constructive feedback

My coaching and mentoring packages can be completed over a 2-month period in the lead up to a specific event, or as part of a purpose driven period of your pole training. These can be completed face-to-face or online for those who don’t attend the studio in-person.

Ready to RISE and VIBE?

I’ve developed two distinct pathways to my pole coaching and mentoring, based on first-hand experience of working with hundreds of students. Depending on your goals and what you need from your training, you can choose:

  • RISE – For ambitious achievers looking to push themselves; or
  • VIBE – For creatives and hobbyists looking to express themselves.

RISE Coaching & Mentoring

This pathway and approach is for students who want to be pushed more in their skill-set.

Typically, you’ll be the type of pole dancer who is excited by the idea of improving your strength to execute more controlled flow. You will probably save videos on social media of combos that are just at the top of your skill range. When looking for inspiration, you’ll likely be drawn to pole dancers who are hard-working and dedicated and have skill or achievement-based goals.

You’ll be willing to put time and effort into additional conditioning, strength training, freestyle, or choreography work to reach your goals. Open to honest, constructive feedback, you want to be pushed and you’re excited to surprise yourself!

The sort of thing RISE students say:

“If I’m going to do it, I want to try to be the best I can be.”

“I want to make myself proud by exceeding my own expectations.”

“I want to be more like the polers I admire, and I am ready to put in the hard-work to get there.”

Example goals when working with me on this pathway:

  • Compete in a higher level than they have previously
  • Obtain a higher score in a certain category, such as floor work, flow, or tricks
  • Get through a competitive video entry round
  • Execute a 5-move combo or longer sequence in a routine
  • Improve stamina and endurance by completing a faster or longer routine
  • Aim to place or win in a competition
  • Transition from Amateur to Semi-Pro
  • Learn a new style of pole
  • Master the art of dancing in heels in a technical way

What does RISE stand for?

  • Resilience
  • Intention
  • Skill
  • Excellence

These are the qualities we focus on when working together following my RISE approach. The support I provide will be tailored with these in mind, and designed to provide an environment where you can develop in these areas as a dancer.


Learn how to build a physical, emotional, and mental ‘toughness’. The guidance and mentoring will focus on managing limiting beliefs, encouraging you to find the balance between hard-work and rest, and identifying which limits you need to push through.


Ambition requires clear goal-setting. Support will be provided for setting intentions for your training, and coming up with action plans to help you achieve your objectives. Harness your inner power through manifestation and visualisation to support your training and aspirations.


Technique is essential for ensuring your pole skills improve in the direction you’re aiming for. Clear, constructive feedback will be provided, and actionable steps will be explained, ready for you to implement. Skill does NOT mean constantly striving for harder and harder tricks, but rather, acquiring a level of expertise at your current level, regardless of whether that is beginner or experienced.


Excellence in attitude, approach, and execution. It is being a good sportsman. It is dedicating time and effort to see results. It is executing every movement to the best of your ability. It is being open to useful, detail-oriented feedback and applying it. It is trusting the mentor-mentee relationship and being open-minded to whatever it brings forward. It is applying yourself and being disciplined.



This programs approach is for Peach’s students who are looking to have more fun, develop creatively, or receive a less intense support style.

They’re the type of pole dancer who is looking to focus on performance or storytelling, or with less of an interest in skill acquisition.  They may save inspiration from pole dancers they admire, but it may be more about characterisation, movement quality, or finding how to capture a ‘vibe’ within their current skill set. Alternatively, they may be chronically ill and disabled and not looking to push themselves too hard.

They may be brand new to performing or just don’t want to take it as seriously. Their goals will be less competitive, or more ‘me focused’ as they seek to develop at a more relaxed pace.

Some example goals:

  • Perform for the first time
  • Improve stage confidence
  • Compete for the first time as someone with a chronic illness
  • Compete without a high focus on scoring or criteria
  • Choreograph a fun, expressive routine with less focus on tricks
  • Connect with their sensuality
  • Feel good in their movement
  • Overcome self-consciousness or negative self-talk

They are looking to boost the well-being benefits of pole, improve their relationship with movement, and maybe experience the excitement of performing and competing. They are open to kind, supportive feedback, and looking for ways to challenge themselves whilst maintaining lifestyle balance.

They might say:

“I really want to perform and put together a routine, but I’m not interested in winning.”

“I struggle with self-confidence, and I think performing might boost my self-esteem.”

“I want to be more creative, but I’m struggling to come up with ideas and choreography.”

What does VIBE stand for?

  • Vision
  • Inspiration
  • Boundaries
  • Excellence

These are the qualities that are fostered during the VIBE mentorship. The support will be tailored with these in mind, and designed to provide an environment where the dancer can develop in these areas.


These dancers will learn how to harness their creativity and imagination into a vision. Learning how to pull together a story and utilise pole into a medium of self-expression. The first step is always the idea, and by providing a supportive environment where ideas can be heard and explored, Peach will encourage an artistic mindset.


When you’re first starting out with performing, choreography, or dance, sometimes the first step is the hardest. Peach will encourage you, both with her research and your own through guided exercises and homework. You will learn how to start putting together a routine or competition piece, and what it takes to takes inspired action.


Routines, both for competition or showcase performances, do not need to be about achievement and pushing the self, harder and harder. You will be supported in having firm boundaries that allow you to develop as a dancer, whilst honouring your limits, be they around health, lifestyle, work, or family. Peach will support you in your mindset around self-worth and your value as a dancer, finding pride and joy wherever you are currently at in your pole journey.   


In both packages, excellence in attitude, approach, and execution. It is showing up with enthusiasm and self-acceptance. It is executing your movement to the best of your ability. It is being open to kind, supportive feedback and applying it. It is trusting the mentor-mentee relationship and being open-minded to whatever it brings forward. It is being kind to yourself and working on your self-critical behaviours.


Excellence as Standard

Excellence is not perfectionism. Excellence is understanding that perfection does not exist, but despite that we can strive to improve ourselves in some capacity every time we touch the pole and step into our practice space.

Excellence does not always mean excellence of skill. It does however mean acting with integrity, following through on promises to ourselves, and committing to growth in some capacity.

For our RISE students this may indeed for excellence of skill. Improving their strength and movement quality.

For our VIBE clients this may be excellence in mindset. Finding complete joy and self-love through the process of dance.

Regardless of what approach you wish to take, we can always set ourselves high standards. Be it on a skills level or for how we treat ourselves and others as dancers and humans.

These are the values through which Peach mentors all of her students, and if you would like to experience this approach in your own pole journey, be sure to contact us to find out more, or purchase the private packages or mentoring pack under memberships.

When you book on I will send through a questionnaire to help you work out which approach is best for you. You may have an idea of which approach you want already, but the onboarding process allows us to define your goals more clearly.