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In-Person Coaching with Peach!

If you live local or are able to travel, you can benefit from in-person pole coaching. Working with a coach face-to-face is an excellent way to improve your pole skills and work towards your goals. There’s many benefits to working with a coach in-person, and finding someone with the right approach for you can be invaluable.

I am based on the Wirral, so my studio is easily accessible from Liverpool, North Wales, Cheshire, and wider areas if you are happy to travel. When you have specific objectives then travelling a little further to work with the right instructor can be a worthwhile investment.  

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Why work with a pole dancing coach in-person?

Although there are now many online options for pole tuition, some people still prefer the good, old-fashioned in-person approach. Many students benefit from the help and support of an instructor live, where they can apply corrections and feedback immediately with the encouragement and expertise of their coach.

There are many benefits to working with your pole coach in-person:

  • Receive live feedback and apply it immediately
  • Access to all of the demos you need
  • Access to the different teaching tools you may need (kinaesthetic cues etc)
  • Spotting and safety

Working with me in-person means I am available and present during our time together, as well as providing additional support outside of our private training sessions. You get the best of both in-person and remote learning and support this way.

Together we can:

  • Work on technique and specific skills in-person with live feedback and cueing
  • Build choreography or flow together in a collaborative and creative process
  • Provide you with homework to do outside of the private sessions
  • Create a personalised plan for your in-person sessions and any additional training you do away from the studio

Why choose me as your pole coach?

Call me the ‘Pole Detective’. As a big fan of an old school detectives, there’s something about the careful and detailed analysis they apply to their cases that appeals to me. This same consideration, care, and clarifying eye is what I apply to my pole coaching work.

If you’re looking for an instructor who can detect exactly what you need to implement into your pole practice to elevate it to new levels, I have a special set of gifts to help.

As a Virgo, I am blessed with a selection of special skills:

  • My ‘X-ray vision’ allows me to pinpoint issues and troubleshoot what is keeping you from your pole goals
  • I recognise excellence is supported by an attention to detail and meticulous analysis
  • My feedback is practical, thorough, and actionable

My key areas of expertise are pole competitions, flow, choreography, and troubleshooting issues in tricks and combos.

I’m proud to be a pole DANCER first and foremost, and this is seen in my student base who are supported to become dancers themselves. Encouraging and coaching my students to become better movers, who are also creative, confident, and experimental, is what I excel at. I do not wish to create carbon copies of myself, nor to pick apart techniques in a generic way that removes your individuality. If you are a pole dancer who is looking to improve your movement quality, whilst retaining and / or attaining your own style and flare, then I’m the coach for you.

This being said, I do have an excellent eye for technique and working out what is holding you back from attaining a trick or skill. My expertise in this area supports you to progress in your tricks vocabulary, make your movements cleaner, and ‘smooth out’ combos and transitions. I am most adept at coaching beginner to higher intermediate students in this area.

You do not need to be a specific level to work with me, and I find students can attain an excellence of technique and improved movement quality at all ability levels. If you’re looking for a pole coach to help you elevate your performance skills, regardless of whether you are a new dancer or a more experienced mover, I can support you towards your goals.

We can work on floor work, low flow, and up the pole tricks during your sessions. If you’re looking to work on moves in isolation or choreography I can tailor the private sessions to you and provide you with take-home work to continue your progress.

What are your objectives?

You may have a variety of goals for our sessions together, for example:

  • Choreographing, concept building, and fine-tuning pole performances and competition pieces
  • Attaining new skills or working on specific dance technique
  • Refining combos and transitions
  • Beating your nemesis moves

I recommend that you choose one specific goal or purpose for your training with me when you book a package. Some goals may be overlapping. For example, improving your combos and transitions may be a part of your pole competition progress. Keeping yourself focused in one area will, however, help you to maximise your time with me and get the most from our sessions together.

In-Person Coaching Package

This package costs £250 and includes 4 x 1-2-1 private classes, plus additional support:

  • Weekly email support for questions, help, and even feedback on videos taken at home or in open-pole
  • Written resources and documents
  • Extra time spent by Peach outside of your 1-2-1s, such as putting together choreography, research and development, or problem solving
In-Person Coaching Package

4 x 1-hour 1-2-1 private classes plus additional support via email. You will receive tailored feedback and guidance between sessions. To check availability before buying, please contact me.


Curious about the benefits of in-person 1-2-1 pole training?

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