Beginner Pole Dancing Classes Wirral

Beginner Pole Classes For New Starters

Our Beginner Pole 4-Week Course is THE place to start if you are brand new to pole. Regardless of why you are starting pole, this course is our introduction to all the core techniques of pole. So, if you’re looking to improve your fitness and strength, or excited to boogie in a routine class, this is where to start.

These 4-week introductory courses are designed to provide new students with the core skills needed to join our other classes. It is also the perfect opportunity to discover whether pole classes are the right fit for you, and to try something new and exciting.

No experience is necessary, and the sessions are adapted to everyone. We offer variations as standard so everyone can participate and enjoy themselves. For those who might be new to fitness or dance, this means you can slowly build your confidence, stamina, and coordination. For those who are perhaps joining with prior dance or fitness experience, this means you can push and challenge yourself.

“This is great, but I’m not sure a 4-week course is right for me!”

Feelin' Peachy Pole Dancing Taster Class Wirral

Taster Pole Dancing Classes

We run monthly taster classes that are 1-hour long for just £8.

These provide you with a low-commitment way to give pole dancing a try before booking in for the introductory course.

  • Come and see the studio and what we’re about
  • Decide whether pole is the weekly addition you need to your busy schedule
  • Discover how much fun it is
  • Ensure you feel safe, confident, and happy in the session and with the movements you are learning
  • Experience our teaching style and find out if it is a good fit
  • Meet potential classmates and suss out the studio ‘vibe’

You can browse the live calendar on our Book Now page to find upcoming taster classes.

Ready to Book On?

We run between one and two introductory Beginner Pole courses each month. These are usually on different times and days from one another to maximise the chances of you finding a slot that works around your schedule.

These 4-week courses cost £40 – use code NEW to get £10 off!

To find upcoming courses you can view the live calendar on our Book Now page.

If you cannot find a time and day that suits you, consider private 1-2-1 pole classes that can cover our Beginner Pole course curriculum, which would then allow you to pick from the rest of our timetable of classes.

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Benefits of Pole Dancing Classes

There are so many benefits to starting a pole practice, but here are just a few:

  • Build strength, fitness, and flexibility.
  • Improve self-confidence and body image.
  • Boost your co-ordination, balance, and muscle memory.
  • Connect with a supportive and fun community.
  • Discover a creative outlet for self-expression.
  • Introduce more laughter and play into your week.
  • Enjoy better mood and improved stress relief.

The benefits of pole are numerous and will be personal for each individual depending on their motivations, goals, and objectives when starting classes.

Some people just want to give something different a try, and for them the benefits will be the laughter and novelty beginner classes provide.

For those who are looking to build strength or flexibility, these sessions will support them in those goals.

For others who wish to dance, explore their creativity, and challenge themselves, there’s always artistic potential in pole that is waiting to be explored.

What are the benefits of beginner classes specifically?

Feelin’ Peachy is a level-based studio. This means that we operate our technical or ‘pole fitness / tricks’ sessions within skill groups, rather than as ‘mixed ability’ open sessions. We have found this to be the most effective and efficient way to teach, allowing our students to thrive through a balance of support and encouragement.

Each level is ‘mixed ability’ in the sense that everyone comes to each class with different strengths, weaknesses, areas of growth, and talents. However, containing these differing abilities within levels allows us to provide detailed, tailored, and excellent teaching for a range of body types, sizes, health conditions, and personalities.

Beginner classes mean we can introduce everyone to the core techniques of pole at the same time and provide them with the comprehensive instruction that most benefits new students. Each move, even the seemingly ‘easy’ ones, require a knowledge of anatomy, muscle engagement, and technique, which we can focus on in these beginner specific sessions. Unfortunately, in open level classes that include both beginner and advanced students learning at the same time, sometimes this detail is missed, or you are not able to receive the kind of support you need as a student.  

At Feelin’ Peachy we are committed to the safety and growth of our students, so our approach to Beginner Pole classes reflects that. Once you have completed the 4-week course you will have a good knowledge of fundamental pole techniques including:

  • How to create and use momentum on static and spinny
  • A selection of spins, poses, and transitions
  • How to safely use the muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and core
  • Sitting and climbing on the pole

These fundamental techniques form the groundwork for all additional pole work you learn. Completing this course will ensure you are strong, confident, and ready for the next challenge if you decide to continue your pole journey.  

Who is a good fit for Feelin’ Peachy?

The Feelin’ Peachy vibe is one of community, support, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

We welcome anyone who might be:

  • Looking for a fitness space without the cliques and competitiveness.
  • Tired of moving their bodies always being tied to weight-loss or ‘fixing problem areas’.
  • Hilariously fun and wanting a space they can just be themselves.
  • Feeling like an outsider and wanting to meet cool people like them.
  • Seeking a creative outlet through dance but struggling to find an adult dance class.
  • Looking to add a hobby to their schedule for emotional wellbeing.
  • Wanting to feel more confident, sexy, and sure of themselves.

Your First Beginner Pole Classes

You’re booked in, now what?

Our sessions have a standard format:

10-minute warm up

Learning 3-5 moves, sequences, or poses

10-minute cool down

For your first session you do NOT need shorts. We usually say you will need shorts from week 3 of the Beginner Pole course, but they can be slightly longer cycling shorts or something similar that you are comfortable in (no need for bikini briefs!).

We will have your essential personal information from when you booked on, including all waivers signed digitally, and a PAR-Q form (where you can let us know of any health conditions, injuries, or recent surgeries that may impact your participation). So, you do not need to do these at the studio, it will be jumping straight into your first session.

Your first class will start with a welcome talk where we explain some key health and safety information, introduce the studio values and approach, and outline some policies that will help you get the most out of your classes.  

The sessions vary week-to-week. Sometimes we are recapping moves you have learned previously so you can perfect them, and other times we will introduce new moves or skills for you to try. No matter what, they are hugely fun, and we always provide the same adaptive and supportive teaching. We encourage our students to ask questions, keep trying, and find joy in the process of learning, with all of its failures and triumphs, laughter and silliness.

Frequently Asked Questions (Watch!)

Do I already need to be strong to try pole dancing classes? 

Am I too big / curvy / heavy for pole dancing classes?

Am I too old for pole dancing classes?

Can I pole dance with a chronic health condition?

Do I have to be a woman to come to pole dancing classes?

Have some questions?

Message us and we will reply to you within 48 working hours with an answer. To get in touch and contact us, click here.