Pole Fitness Classes Wirral

Many of our students start pole classes for the fitness benefits. Pole is an all over body workout with many physical and emotional advantages. If you’re looking to build a strong, flexible body, or looking to incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule for other health benefits, then starting a pole class is a great addition to your lifestyle. Whether you’re a gym bunny, or someone who has never been active before, pole can provide you with a fun challenge.

Our levelled classes are what you might know as a ‘Pole Fitness’ session.

These levels are:

  • Beginner Pole
  • Improver Pole
  • Intermediate Pole
  • Intermediate-Advanced Pole

In these sessions you work on ‘tricks’ (poses and moves), transitions, combos (linking moves and transitions together), and other skills. These are what promote the health benefits that we now associate with the concept of ‘pole fitness’.

To support your pole progress, we incorporate conditioning into your sessions once you have graduated from Beginners into the higher levels. These are exercises designed to build strength and power in essential muscle groups that are required to execute the moves on the pole.

pole fitness classes wirral

New to Pole Fitness?

You will start with our Beginner Pole course which is a complete introduction to the core techniques of pole. We will build up your strength and confidence by breaking down fundamental moves, poses, and skills.

No prior experience is necessary. Through our progressive 4-week curriculum you will build the necessary knowledge of pole to progress to our other levels.

Improver Pole

Once you completed our introductory Beginner Pole course you will join our Improver Pole class. These classes will challenge you with combos, spins, tricks, and poses designed to further build muscle in core areas, readying your body to progress.

Intermediate Pole

As you get stronger and more confident, your instructor will start showing you more difficult moves to really push your physical resilience. They will incorporate more combos and moves that test your coordination and endurance to higher levels.

Intermediate-Advanced Pole

This is the highest level class at the studio. If you progress to this level, you will be learning some of the most challenging tricks, moves, and combos available to pole dancers. These moves require high levels of strength, control, stamina, and at times, flexibility.

There is no expectation for you to reach the higher levels of pole, and many students are very happy in our Improver and Intermediate classes. There is no set timeline for progressing through the levels, and the time you spend in each level varies from student to student.

Find out more about our different levels on our Pole Classes page.

health benefits of pole fitness

What are some of the health benefits of pole classes?

There’s a reason why so many people add pole to their weekly exercise regime. The health benefits of pole include:

  • Increased strength
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Enhanced balance and coordination
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Supported mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Increased endurance and stamina

What muscles do pole fitness classes target?

Pole is an excellent activity for improving strength. The primary muscle groups that benefit from pole include:

  • Traps and shoulders
  • Upper back, lats, and rhomboid area
  • Deep core
  • Pelvic floor
  • Glutes

Pole is an all-over body workout and excellent for targeting your upper body strength. If you want extra focus on your lower body strength, then trying other classes such as heels and routines will additionally target those areas. Increased strength also supports joint health and bone density. As we age, the risk of osteoporosis also increases so weight bearing exercises are an important activity to help avoid this.

“Do I need to be flexible before trying pole fitness?”

You don’t need to be flexible before attending pole fitness classes for beginners as you will be provided a variety of moves to work on, and they won’t require a high level of flexibility. Over time your flexibility will improve as you test the muscles at their ‘end range of motion’. Positions where you need to stretch your shoulders, back, and legs are very common in pole, and you will find over time your flexibility improving.

For more targeted flexibility progress, especially for more advanced tricks that require it, we offer specific classes. Our flexibility classes are targeted sessions aimed at improving your splits, if that’s something you are interested in. We also have on-demand, online flexibility classes availability for those who wish to supplement their training.

Benefits of improving your balance and coordination through pole

Learning new movements will test your ‘proprioception’ (your sense of your body in space) and create stronger mind-body connections. These skills are essential to balance and coordination and can have a profound impact on your quality of life.

  • Improved reaction times
  • Reduce the risk of injuries (especially from falls as you get older)
  • Better posture

Everybody benefits from improving their balance and coordination, but there’s particular times in life where it is particularly essential.

  • During pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Developing a disability or chronic health condition
  • After retirement
  • Recovering from an injury or surgery

Pro-actively working on these skills can provide important advantages during challenging times where a loss of balance may have negative consequences.

Sleep Better

Inactivity contributes to insomnia or poor sleep quality. A regular exercise regime can improve sleep quality, which in turn has a positive affect on energy levels and wellbeing.

  • Increase the production of melatonin (the ‘sleep hormone’)
  • Stress reduction leading to getting to sleep faster and staying asleep
  • Regulate body temperature which aids in falling asleep more efficiently

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Your emotions are first of all felt as physical sensations in the body. Therefore, there is a powerful connection between the mental and physical that means a holistic approach to health is necessary for overall wellbeing.

Coming to a fitness class where laughter and fun is encouraged is not just good for your mood, but also your physical health. The release of endorphins and the mental health benefits of a regular activity and supportive community cannot be understated.

This is why here at Feelin’ Peachy we are so passionate about creating a space where students can really express themselves, make friends, and forget their worries. You can find out more about our values here.

    Endurance and Stamina

    ‘Pole fitness’ classes will aid in endurance and stamina by testing the strength of the muscles to execute challenging moves for longer. This particularly comes into the longer combos and sequences that you will learn in intermediate and intermediate-advanced, where endurance is really tested.

    For cardiovascular endurance and stamina we recommend trying one of our pole flow classes, such as Strictly Come Pole Dancing, Sexy Pole, or Rebelle Routines. Learning choreography has amazing benefits, one of which is improved lung and heart health.

    What about disabled or chronically ill people?

    We have a range of students and instructors with health conditions who find pole is a great tool for supporting their wellbeing. Whilst no single activity is a ‘cure’ or treatment, pole can play a role in improving quality of life and functionality.

    The benefits for sleep, strength, balance, coordination, mental health, and flexibility all have their own place for those living with health conditions. Whilst some of the positive affected may be lessened by symptoms and flare ups, healthy movement and exercise still provides a benefit for those who can access it.

    Peach developed chronic pain and fatigue during the time of her pole career. She used the fun and exciting activity of pole fitness to keep herself strong, flexible, and moderately active, despite debilitating symptoms. Although it wasn’t always possible for her to practice pole in the way she did before her illness, she still maintained a regular exercise regime with the help of teaching her pole classes. Now, after her surgery, she is able to push herself more, and now advocates for the inclusion of chronically ill students in pole fitness classes.

    Join Pole Fitness Classes Wirral

    We run regular evening classes for those looking to enjoy the fitness benefits of pole dancing.

    Beginner Pole courses are 4 weeks long and £40.

    If you are new to pole, take a look at our Beginner Pole course page, of if you are ready, visit Book Now.

    If you have done pole before and would like to join one of our pole fitness classes, check out our Pole Classes page for a breakdown of our levels, or contact us to find out which class is right for you.

    Our levelled classes Improver Pole, Intermediate Pole, and Intermediate-Advanced pole can be booked using our flexible class credits system with classes from just £7.50.