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Story Time

Imagine this… there was a woman who first walked into a pole dancing studio not really knowing what to expect. She had never even heard of a pole dancing class until a week before, and after a quick Google, had booked on for her very first beginner classes.

But, that ain’t the interesting bit.

There’s a few things you ought to know at this point:

  1. This woman was pretty lonely – she didn’t know anyone local anymore and all of her friends lived in different cities around the UK or were busy with other responsibilities.
  2. She struggled with her self-confidence – dieting (or more accurately, starving herself of any joy), regularly hitting the gym to ‘tone up’ and ‘fix problem areas’ (gag), and generally feeling that she wasn’t ‘perfect enough’ (double gag).
  3. Hobbies (especially fitness-y ones) weren’t really something she stuck to. One day running would be the flavour of the week, the next she was weight lifting, and another time was hot yoga. But, nothing seemed to stick – let’s just say this girl had a problem with committing!

Does this sound familiar to you?

It should do… because this is a story familiar to so many of us. In fact, this is the story of how I (Peach) first got into pole dancing!

How about now?

  1. Now I get to meet and spend time with the most supportive and fun community, both local, national and international. There’s never a day where I’m not laughing, smiling and joking with some of the most inspirational, kind and kick ass people I’ve ever met.
  2. I really don’t care about how much I weigh, and actually I’m really  very happy with how I look now – cellulite and all! I’m not worrying about my butt or boobs being bigger or smaller, or whether my legs are too short, or if I should cover my stretch marks – I have bigger fish to fry – and bigger donuts to eat.
  3. Safe to say that this hobby STUCK – like stuck so much I built a whole pole studio for it! Pole dancing never gets boring, because there’s always new things to learn, and ways to entertain yourself. Whether I’m training a new move, or coming up with a routine, or practicing a different style of pole. Pole dancing is just… FUN, different, and like nothing else!

Pole made me realise that maybe I’m pretty awesome – look at how I can swing round that pole, look at the cool moves I can do, look how I can make people laugh, smile and believe in themselves! But, more importantly, pole made me realise that EVERYONE is pretty awesome!

After years of being told that women (and in fact, everyone regardless of gender!) had to look and act a certain way. After years of believing that to be free in your sensuality was to be a ‘insert naughty words’. And, after years of getting brain washed to look down on women, judge women, degrade women.

After all these years… I realised: Wait a minute – women are the strongest, most powerful, most brilliant people I know!!! Regardless of whether they look like Barbie. Regardless of what they wear. And regardless of whether they fit the prescribed ‘cookie cutter’ image that’s shoved down our throats.

The pole dancing did it!

Imagine feeling welcomed and encouraged in a fun, vibrant environment with the most wonderfully zany group of people.

Imagine not feeling judged – having freedom to express yourself, wear what you like, and let your hair down.

Imagine loving yourself more, accepting yourself more, and realising that maybe… just maybe… you’re pretty awesome exactly as you are (maybe with a few more pole muscles along the way).

Imagine feeling that sense of elated achievement as you challenge yourself to conquer exciting new things. Committing to something and smashing those goals.

Maybe it is time you…

Discover pole dancing

But most essentially, maybe it is time you…

Discover who YOU are!

Feelin’ Peachy is the pink glittery palace that promises to make you feel included, supported, excited, understood, challenged, positive, enlivened, confident, and all sorts of other ooey gooey good vibes.

We have students of all different body  types, sizes, heights, abilities, fitness backgrounds and so much more.

Safe to say – if you’re worried about being ‘the only one’ you’ll probably be surprised! Pole dancing is a sport, art and dance form that ANYONE can enjoy.

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