If you are excited to start pole dancing in high heels but you aren’t sure where to start then this blog post is for you. With some basic tricks and techniques to help you get the hang of your platform heels.


  1. Find The Right Pair

The world of pole shoes can seem like a scary jungle.

As a rough rule of thumb, if you have never danced in pole shoes before you can follow a couple of rules:

Choose a pair that is 6″ or 7″ high, as these are a comfortable height and shouldn’t throw you off balance.

Look at the heel thickness and design of the shoe you are buying. Square heels are usually a bit bigger and more stable than the round stilettos for example, and are good for initial training if you are getting accustomed to the height.

Plastic straps tend to be tighter fitting to the foot than patent or leather straps, so to ensure a snug fit it is wise to go with that style when you are starting off.


  1. Stand On your Tip Toes

When dancing one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your moves is to ensure that when your feet are touching the ground you should be up on your toes as much as possible. This gives you better muscular control, improves your lines, and looks hot!! It is a tricky habit to get into, but if you start focusing on this sooner rather than later you will see improvements in how even simple moves look.


  1. Point Your Toes

Wearing pole shoes isn’t an excuse to not point your toes or concentrate on the tension in your legs. Make sure you continue to focus on pointing your toes in your transitions and tricks. This helps to make your dancing look more polished and clean.


  1. Check Your Posture

You might have difficulty dancing in heels if you haven’t checked your posture. Making sure that you engage your core muscles and have good alignment through your body will help make balancing in heels a lot easier, so if you have any postural problems make an appointment with a specialist to alleviate them. Pole dancing will improve your core strength and your body tracking / alignment anyway, but it is always worth having it checked out by a professional.


  1. Strengthen Your Ankles

Lots of people struggle with high heels to begin with because the muscles in their legs and ankles aren’t very strong and they end up rolling their ankles or getting injured.

In order to have strong ankles make sure you work on the following:

Range Of Motion: You can work on this by doing rotations with your ankles. Draw shapes and letters using your big toe to challenge your ankle’s range of motion.

Calf Raises: Either with just your body weight, or holding a dumbbell or barbell if you are more advanced, you can use calf raises to strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments in your legs and ankles. Ensuring your core is engaged and your pelvis is tucked under (no booty sticking out), rise onto your tip toes, hold for a few seconds, and lower.

Self-Massage: Keep your feet happy and healthy by rolling them with a tennis ball, and it is also worth using a foam rolling to release any tight muscles in your calves!


I hope this post has been helpful!