As an avid reader of all pole related social media I have seen many questions popping up on my facebook feed about Pleaser high heels. Which style to buy, what finish is best, what the sizing is like, whether to go for patent or clear straps, and so on ad infinitum. I figured, because I have amassed a small but impressive collection of Pleaser heels the past 6 months, in a variety of styles, I would review the ones I have whilst addressing some of the most prevalent questions I’ve seen asked.

Pleaser Kiss 208

Heel Height: 6 Inches

Finish: Black With Clear Straps

Verdict: These were my very first pair of Pleaser heels. These are a great training shoe. If you are new to wearing high heels or just want something to swing around in at home or in the studio, this style is a good one to start with. I chose the Kiss over the Delight because, although they are the same height, the Delight shoe has a slightly thinner stiletto heel and I wanted to make sure I had as much support as possible.

I found this style to fit true to size, and although the clear plastic straps do stretch a little over time, I am happy with the fit of my usual UK3.

I wanted a classic colour scheme that would go with everything, so I opted for clear straps and a black heel and platform. This looks great, but the one big downside is that the black colour does get rubbed off if you do any type of floor work, slides, tracing and so on. This can be filled in with sharpie or nail polish, but I haven’t had any luck finding something to permanently cover the areas that won’t just rub off again. If you are only using this shoe for training it isn’t exactly a huge deal.

This style of shoe comes in a variety of other finishes including clear and chrome heels, and with diamante.

I would point out that you get used to the 6 inch heel quite quickly if you are using them regularly, and will be VERY eager to upgrade to a taller version. You must be aware that the Pleaser Kiss is a gateway shoe, and once worn you will quickly fall into the hole of pole dance shoe addiction. I would now not even think of wearing a 6 inch shoe to perform in, they look so tiny, but I will talk you through the benefits of the higher shoes as I go through them.

Pleaser Adore 709

Heel Height: 7 Inches

Finish: Silver Chrome With Black Patent Straps

Verdict: These pole heels are an absolute dream to look at. The chrome is sexy as f*ck and the patent straps work brilliantly with black hold ups to give you forever legs. If you aren’t a fan of the clear straps then patent is a great alternative if you still want a shoe that will offer a little grip aid whilst climbing.

I feel very little difference in the heel height between the 6 inch shoe and the 7 inch shoe.

The only issue I have with this shoe is the strap size. Because I have narrow feet the bridge of the heel at the front is not flush against my skin as with the clear straps, meaning that there is much more movement of my foot in the shoe and less stability whilst dancing. As a result I would say this shoe is great for the occasional practice, but best kept as a photo shoot or performance pair. However, this issue can be resolved by sizing down, or using shoe inserts.

Again, the colour on the shoe will rub off. This has not happened to me yet as I haven’t practiced in these heels much, but I’ve met other girls with the chrome style and they have had the same problem as I had with my Pleaser Kiss heels. Whilst I can cover the rubbing on the Pleaser Kiss with black sharpie, I haven’t heard of a good solution for the same issue with the chrome finish, so again this would suggest chrome is best as a performance shoe if you don’t want to deal with the damage from regular training.

This shoe comes in a variety of other finishes, including rhinestones and neon.

Pleaser Taboo 708

Heel Height: 7.5 Inches

Finish: Clear Heel With Clear Straps

Verdict: These are my favourite pair of Pleaser heels from my collection. Out of all of them they are the best to dance in, they look great, and there are very few ‘snags’ associated with the style and finish.

I bought these in a UK3, and the plastic straps have stretched out a little. Next time I would purchase these in a UK2 personally, because I have tiny feet. However, although the straps can rub a little due to them stretching, this does not affect the comfort or stability of the shoe. These definitely LOOK much taller than they feel to me, and I am just as confident dancing in these as I do in my 6 inch Pleaser Kiss. Because the heel is nice and thick it provides you with good support also.

The finish of the shoe does not get diminished with use because it is clear plastic, and therefore more robust. However, I would point out that it is possible to shatter this style of shoe if you are a particularly aggressive heel clacker.

The style comes in a variety of other finishes including chrome, patent, neon and spiked.

The one thing that is noticeable is that if you do a lot of floor work, tracing and so on, the foot-bed of this particular finish does get grubby because it is white, which is not an issue with the black foot-beds.

Pleaser Motif 809LP

Heel Height: 8 Inches

Finish: Leopard Print Heel With Black Patent Straps

Verdict: These are my newest pair. I had my eye on them for so long, but because they were 8 inches tall and my reservations regarding the patent straps, I held off from getting them until I was 100% comfortable dancing in my 7.5 inch Pleaser Taboo heels first.

I bought these in a size UK2 in the hope that it would resolve the loose patent bridge issue I mentioned with the Pleaser Adore style, AND IT DID! The bridge is snug against my foot, and the shoe fits perfectly (my toes don’t hang over the front, and my heel isn’t over the back of the shoe either). I think from now on I will buy all my Pleaser heels in UK2. If you have narrow feet this might work for you too, so it is definitely something to consider. If you are nervous, make sure you find a shop that offers exchanges for sizes in case you want to size up or down.

This shoe comes in a few other finishes, including some cool tattoo inspired designs, and dollar bills.

You do notice the height difference in these, not just because the heel is taller, but because the heel is thinner than the Please Taboo style, which has a great, solid heel.  I think with practice I will quickly get used to them though and they are so damn gorgeous I cannot WAIT to try these out in a competition or performance.


If you have been wondering what style of Pleaser heels to start with then I hope these reviews have helped you decide which ones to buy. A good beginner’s shoe is definitely the 6 inch Pleaser Kiss heel, but if you are feeling ambitious I cannot recommend the Pleaser Taboo heels enough, they are comfortable, sexy and easy to dance in.

What I Need From YOU…

So, a variety of issues have been raised in these reviews that seem to be common among pole dancers. What I want to know is if you have any clever solutions or fixes for these problems. Make sure you leave your suggestions in the comments, or email them across to me at, and I will put them together into a future post.

  1. How do you deal with the finish rubbing off your shoe? What do you use to hide blemished chrome and patterned heels?
  2. How do you clean the foot-beds of your shoes?
  3. What do you do when the patent straps are too loose?
  4. What do you do if the clear straps are too tight?
  5. How have you fixed the rubber sole coming away at the front of your Pleasers?
  6. Have you encountered any other problems? What did you do to resolve them?
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  1. Janel
    Janel says:

    I only have one pair but I love them soooo much I haven’t wanted any others. They are 6″ heel pleaser light up shoes. Hot pink lights of course. They are clear plastic w plastic straps.
    I clean the foot beds w/ face wipes or baby wipes & let dry. I have had to reglue the tread several times. There is a video out on how to trim the lip of the tread on new shoes to prevent this from happening.

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:

      The light up shoes are AMAZING! I’m very jealous!
      Great to know, I’ll try cleaning my foot beds that way and see how it works 🙂 Thanks for the heads up for the tread, I’ll have a snoop xxx

  2. VanVan
    VanVan says:

    I am an ex stripper who has recently taken up pole dancing (let me tell you they are two very different things!) but all the girls used to use the hair dryer on their shoes to tighten up the plastic covers. It shrinks the plastic back.

  3. Czhan
    Czhan says:

    Hi, I have a pair of pleaser Blondie 608 – black but has slight regrets bcos of the thin heels.

    Is thin or thick heels better for dancing?

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:


      When I first started dancing in heels I found the thicker heels of the Pleaser Kiss (6 inch) or Pleaser Taboo (7 inch) to be more stable and easier to dance in, especially for beginners.

      However, over time and as you get used to the shoes then the thickness of the heels begins to matter a lot less. You should be dancing up on your toes (in releve) 80% of the time, rather than putting any weight on the heel. This not only looks better but it helps you with many moves such as twirls. The only time the thickness of the heel will then matter would be when walking in them.

      Hope that helps. Don’t worry about the shoes you have gotten, just keep practicing in them and you will get more confident in them.

      Peach xoxox

  4. Anna
    Anna says:

    I’ve started Pole not long ago and have a pair of 6 inch Delights. I’m going to buy my 7 inch soon! (so excited!!!). I’ve got an unanswered question that I’m still very curious about… what is the difference between the 6 inch Aspire, Delight and Kiss?

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:

      Pleaser Aspire have a D shaped heel and a 2 1/4″ platform
      Pleaser Delight have a thin stiletto heel and a slightly shorter heel and 2 inch platform
      Please Kiss have a D shaped heel and a shallower 2 inch platform again

      So all three styles differ ever so slightly

  5. Anna
    Anna says:

    Ooh I see. Do D shaped heels make any difference to the feel or is it simply thicker? Also thanks for replying, I wasn’t sure if I would get a response. Thanks!!!

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:


      No problem with going ‘off-brand’ at all. However, the great thing about Pleasers is that they are specifically designed for pole dancers. The reason they are so comfortable is that there isn’t a huge side difference between the heel and the platform, meaning your point of balance is better and there is less arch in the foot. For example, that pair has a 6 inch heel and only a 1 inch platform, whereas a six inch Pleaser usually has around a 1 3/4 inch platform (or even a 2 inch plus platform) so your foot is arching far less. 🙂

  6. Fragile Melody
    Fragile Melody says:

    Hi there.. as poledancer and active stripper I have some tips. 🙂

    How do you deal with the finish rubbing off your shoe? What do you use to hide blemished chrome and patterned heels?
    A: With these kind of shoes its very complicated. It depends on the finish of the shoe. I do a lot of drops from pole into split. Looks great but it´s not good for the shoes. I´ve neved had chrome, so I can´t tell if it will work on them, but best thing to do is buy clear spraying lacquer and coat your shoes with it (clear nail polish is also an option). It will act as protective barrier. I highly recomend this if you have shoes with a gliter on it.

    How do you clean the foot-beds of your shoes?
    A: Always use thin deodorant soles which has slight sticky underside. The heat from your shoes will help it to stick. There are white and black soles in stores. So you don´t have to clean your foot-beds too often, because if you do, you will ruin it. Been there, done that.

    What do you do if the clear straps are too tight?
    A: Put really thin socks on your feet (for protection from heat), put on your shoes and warm the straps with hairdryer (mid-setting, a few second should be enough), wait few seconds and then try to walk in your shoes for few minutes. Repeat if you need more strech, always remember that the straps will expand little from the heat of your feet when you wear them, so everytime when you “first” put them on, they should be little tight.

    How have you fixed the rubber sole coming away at the front of your Pleasers?
    A: First aid is super glue. I always carry one in my “work” purse. When the sole start to rip into pieces, it´s time to take your babies to shoemaker for repair. Same goes for foot-beds. They will change them.

    Have you encountered any other problems? What did you do to resolve them?
    A: Clear straps often cut your feet. To minimize that take a file made from glass and smooth down the hard edges of straps with it.

    Tips if you have wide feet like me: If your toes are too squished in shoes you will experience claxus. Buy a medical tape and before you wear your shoes coil it around your finger toes. Always check how the tips of your shoes are made. Many new pleaser shoes are made so pointed that your big toe is “sitting” on the edge. And it hurts a lot when you wear your shoes all night.
    Last thing: If your are working as stripper… or just started, take good care of your feet and joints and always strech before work! Same goes for poledancers, but let´s face it. Strippers wear their shoes all night, few days a week. 9 out of 10 dancers have hallux. So try to strech and relax your feet, toes and lower back as much as possible.

  7. Angel
    Angel says:

    Hi Peach,

    What an awesome post! It’s hard to find detailed information about these kinds of shoes, so your post was so informative! I’m a waitress and I’m graduating from 5 inch to 6 inch heels… and I have a similar question as Anna above. I’m trying to decide between Pleaser Aspire and Kiss. I have to walk on both wood floors and medium-pile carpet almost equally.

    So, I see both shoes have 6 inch D-shaped heel. But, Aspire has 2-1/4 inch platform vs. Kiss has 1-3/4 inch platform. I’m ok with the arch, but which one do you think will be more stable to walk in (esp. on the carpet)? Being stable and being able to walk confidently without looking tipsy is more important to me 🙂 Somehow I have a feeling that the higher platform (Aspire) is more likely to make you lose your balance? Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:

      Hi Angel,

      Well, that’s a tough one. In my experience walking in heels on carpet is difficult regardless of the height of heel and platform. The width of the platform may have an impact on this though, as styles with a platform that tapers down (such as Flamingos that are narrower at the base of the platform than the top, meaning there is a smaller surface area on the bottom of the shoe, making balance more difficult, although fab for flow round the pole) can feel less sturdy than those with a wider platform base that does not taper the same amount and has a greater surface area on the bottom.

      Walking in heels on carpet will also be impacted by ankle strength, so making sure you are doing ankle conditioning to strengthen these is essential if you will be walking on them regularly. I believe that Bad Kitty did a Slay the Shoe Game challenge recently which included ankle conditioning tutorials.

      Here is some info on that:

      You might still be able to find the associated insta videos if you go through the accounts of the dancers mentioned.

      I hope that has helped somewhat, and thanks for leaving a comment! Peach xoxox

  8. Kirra
    Kirra says:

    Don’t know if you’re still looking for answers but here goes:
    To clean all the parts of my shoes, I use a little isopropyl alcohol (Good for make up brushes too). Be gentle when using it though. Brings back the sparkle to rhinestones and plastic soles very nicely. Clear straps I use a hair dryer on. If the bridge is too tight, you’ll have to go up a size. And the soles coming off, I hot glue them back on.

    Hope this is helpful

  9. Ella
    Ella says:

    I am curious about where you stand now, will you soon go for 9 or 10 inches? My newest pair bought 1 year ago is 8 inches but my next will def be 9 or 10 🙂

    • Peach Lee Ray
      Peach Lee Ray says:

      For now I am sticking to 8 inches, although who knows if I will buy anything taller in the future 😛 never say never!


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