Plus Size Intro Pole Courses For Beginners

Imagine yourself feeling more confident in yourself, expressing yourself more easily and allowing your inner sass to come out.

Imagine as you’re getting stronger and fitter and more sure of yourself every week.

Imagine challenging yourself to things you never thought you could achieve, and feeling the elation as you smash goals and discover what you are capable of.

Imagine laughing, meeting new people, and not feeling self-conscious or nervous, because you are welcomed and everyone is in the same boat.

Our Plus Size Pole Intro course delivers JUST THAT!

Cause the truth is that sh*t ain’t easy when you a plus size gal.

  • Always getting told what you can and cannot wear
  • People always saying you can’t do something
  • Magazines telling you what to eat, how to exercise, and how everything you’re doing is wrong
  • Getting judged over stuff that isn’t anyone else’s business
  • Feeling like you don’t belong anywhere

And I bet you’ve had ALL these worries about a pole dancing class!

Maybe you’ve want to try it for ages, or maybe this is the first time you’ve even thought about it, but I bet there’s a little niggle in your brain saying ‘I can’t do this, I’m not a skinny super model type!’

Well, guess what Sis, I’m here to tell you that you CAN pole dance, and more than that – you SHOULD pole dance!

And NOT because ‘it helps with weight loss bla bla bla’ VOMIT! You’ve got enough of that garbage being shoved down your throat 24/7.

Pole IS an amazing workout, and it will improve your strength, fitness and health, through cardiovascular activity and moves that work every muscle group.

But, here are the REAL reasons you should pole dance…

  • You Will Feel More Confident

    You will feel more confident, assertive and bad ass than you ever have before as you smash your goals week after week. Our classes you to unleash your inner sass as you learn how to twirl and dance round the pole.

  • You Will Feel Like a VIP

    Pole will make you feel like a VIP – treating every student as the fabulous individual they are we strive to take away any nerves, self-consciousness or doubts as you learn to trust yourself and challenge yourself.

  • You Will Feel Triumphant

    There’s no better feeling than when you conquer something you never thought possible. Achieve the impossible at Feelin’ Peachy as you spin your way into Pole Diva status.

Ready to kick ass? Click the Book Now button, go to the 18th February, and book onto our 6 week course.

I’m a plus sized girl who’s always been afraid of going to any kind of exercise/sport/dancing class and I booked a couple times and never made it out of pure fear… Honestly I’ve never felt more happy and willing to try and didn’t think twice about my weight holding me back. If you are worried about being judged or you think your body or your age isn’t right to feel powerful and move, think again. You will not be judged and you will be accommodated, Peach cares for all of her students and wants to see us all feel and look good and have fun.


I was looking for non judgemental classes and I found it.
Peach is very professional and very responsive. She is lovely, bubbly, welcoming and warming! Her attitude is just perfect and it’s all about having fun and becoming more confident and self loving and she really does help you achieve it.


Peach is lovely, so encouraging, patient and nonjudgmental, all of which are policies she practices to the letter and expects others to do the same.


I have been coming here for a few months now and I absolutely love it, peach is an incredible teacher and knows how to make you feel completely comfortable. You always feel relaxed in class and and everyone is so friendly.