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Plus Size Pole Dancing Classes

The truth is that sh*t ain’t easy when you are a plus size person! The fitness and movement world in particular are a total mine field.

  • Always getting told what you can and cannot wear
  • People always saying you can’t do something
  • Magazines telling you what to eat, how to exercise, and how everything you’re doing is wrong
  • Getting judged over stuff that isn’t anyone else’s business
  • Feeling like you don’t belong anywhere
  • Fitness trainers shaming you
  • Gyms not including you or making you feel unwanted
  • The diet industry forcing miracle ‘fast fixes’ down your throat
  • And I bet you’ve had ALL these worries about a pole dancing class!

Maybe you’ve wanted to try it for ages, or maybe this is the first time you’ve even thought about it, but I bet there’s a little worry in your brain saying ‘I can’t do this, I’m not a skinny super model type!’

Well, guess what, I’m here to tell you that you CAN pole dance, and more than that – you SHOULD pole dance!

And NOT because ‘it helps with weight loss bla bla bla’ VOMIT! You’ve got enough of that garbage being shoved down your throat 24/7 by other fitness studios.

Pole For All Sorts of Bodies

Pole IS an amazing workout, and it will improve your strength, fitness and health, through cardiovascular activity and moves that work every muscle group. But more than that, it can also be accessible to many different body types when you find the right studio and instructors.

We don’t just say we’re inclusive to different body types, we work hard to show up and demonstrate our values and provide you with a comfortable environment to express yourself and explore dance and fitness.

Our studio owner, for example, has taken additional training in how to coach plus size students, which she has then coached her own instructors in. We also hire and train up plus size instructors!

Adapting to Different Body Types

We are always looking for new ways into pole moves and finding tips and advice on how to make things more accessible. When we’re not researching online, we are thinking of our own adaptations and finding ways to encourage our plus size students.

Bodies all move differently and therefore require different coaching and tips for the moves you will learn on the pole. We don’t pretend that everyone is exactly the same and then call it inclusivity, because bodies don’t work that way! Knowing how to adapt pole for plus size students is very important.

Pole requires strength (you’ll be surprised how much you already have though!) and as a plus size pole dancer this is magnified because you need to lift more weight up the pole. It’s common sense! Does this mean that plus size people can’t pole? Absolutely not. We’re going to help you get super hench and support you in your personal growth and journey. This is why we teach pole in a progressive way that builds your strength over time, so that you can project your joints, build muscle, and benefit from the fun of pole whilst minimising the risk of injury. 

You’re Stronger Than You Think

We also do not underestimate you. Despite our commitment to finding adaptations and variations to common pole moves for our students, we also recognise that people in plus size bodies don’t need to be babied or assumed they can’t do something. We will encourage and push you, bringing you to the edge of your comfort zone, and supporting you in your strength goals. We recognise when you need pushing and when you need some extra support or a variation to help build your confidence.

Body Inclusive Studio

The fitness and movement world can feel like an unwelcoming space. For plus size students who have struggled with disordered eating or exercise patterns in the past this can be even more so. This is why we do not actively discuss weight loss, body transformation, or use certain exercise rhetoric at the studio or in our marketing. Whilst it is a goal for some students, we know that it isn’t for many of our students and our approach reflects that. So, if you are a plus size person looking to start pole then join us on a Beginner Pole course.

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