Rebelle Routines Pole Classes

Do you love rock, metal, and alternative music?

Want to learn pole flow routines in different styles to music that inspires you?

Looking to make your Emo / metal teen dreams a reality by dancing to your favourite songs?

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When it comes to dance, the music you choose to express yourself to can make a massive difference. We know that many of our students love rock, metal, and alternative music – and thus Rebelle Routines was born!

One of our longest running classes, it first made its debut on the class schedule in 2018. Uniting our love of head bangin’ and heavy tunes with pole flow and choreography, it’s a class you don’t want to miss if that’s ‘a bit of you’.

What does a Rebelle Routines pole class involve?

Every month we learn two 1-2 minute routines. You will learn how to flow, spin, and dance around the pole to music from all alternative genres, including:

  • 80s metal

  • 90s alternative

  • 00s rock

  • Emo

  • Rap metal

  • Pop punk

  • Goth

  • Electronic rock

  • Indie

  • And More…

The style of pole can vary depending on the music chosen, though typically routines are either modern dance, contemporary, sensual flow, and heels / sexy.

Each month it could be something completely different, and that’s part of the fun! We have done contemporary to Korn, sensual flow to Whitesnake, and comedically cavorted to Tenacious D. You will never get bored in this class as you get to experience a variety of dance styles to music you really enjoy.

We choose themes collaboratively, discussing what songs or genres our students are interested in dancing to. Then, your instructor creatively choreographs fun, engaging routines for you to ‘sink your teeth into’, incorporating some more beginner level options alongside challenging variations for those who wish to push themselves.

rebelle routines pole dance class wirral

What level do I have to be?

This class is entertaining, and at times surprising, recommended for students with improver level ability, or equivalent knowledge (usually Beginner) if you are coming from another studio. If you’re unsure of your level or ability, please contact us.

Routines can include:

  • Static pole
  • Spins
  • Poses (mostly standing poses, occasionally improver level seats)
  • Floor work
  • Pole flow combos

Adaptations will be provided where necessary. Make sure you communicate any health issues, injuries, or difficulties with your instructor so they can provide you with variations.  

We endeavour to make our classes accessible to a huge range of students. Rebelle routines can at times include fast paced choreography, but we work on offering levelled variations for attendees, keeping in mind their ability, health conditions, and any other relevant information such as physical limitations.

How do I book on?

Rebelle Routines is on Wednesdays at 7:25pm – visit the Book Now page.

PAYG – £12 per class

Available with our class credit packs – from £7.50 per class