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  • Get fit
  • Have fun
  • Feel Great

Pole dancing is a popular form of exercise that is far from your usual boring workout routine.

Who knew that getting healthy could be so much fun?

Story Time

I (Peach, the studio owner) was the kind of school student who would hide in the library just to get out of P.E. lessons. Dance classes never stuck because I didn’t have the right body type for ballet or jazz. I was pretty good at running and high jump, but I never grew tall enough or stuck at them.

It is safe to say that when it came to exercise I was demotivated and disinterested!

When I started pole dancing it was initially to maintain my body and build my strength, but what I discovered was so much more.

Pole dancing provided me with an amazing hobby that brought me laughter, joy and self-confidence. This is what I wish every student who walks through the Feelin’ Peachy doors to experience.

What are the benefits of pole dancing?

  1. Meet amazing people who will support you and cheerlead you. They will help you build up your self-confidence as you challenge yourself to achieve new moves, and see what your body is capable of.
  2. Feel fitter and stronger as you enjoy a class that doesn’t even feel like exercise. You will find your mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning improving every week.
  3. Do something that brings you joy. In our classes you can be your authentic self. This environment is perfect for helping you to relax and unwind.
  4. Feel better in your body. Accepting and loving your body is essential for good physical and emotional wellbeing. Learning to embrace your body through our Body Positive and Body Neutral ethos will support you in this goal.
  5. Have an hour a week away from the responsibilities of every day life to prioritise YOU!

How do I get started?

Join one of our 4 week Beginner Pole courses to discover Pole Dancing for yourself.

These run every month and are suitable for new starters – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Our classes are:

  • Suitable for all levels of abilities.
  • Designed to build up your strength from the ‘ground up’.
  • Light-hearted, no-pressure fun.
  • Focused on safe, sustainable learning.
  • All about giving you the BEST time.

Visit our BOOK NOW page to sign up for our next course.

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We can’t wait to meet you

Feelin’ Peachy is the pink glittery palace that promises to make you feel included, supported, excited, understood, challenged, positive, enlivened, confident, and all sorts of other ooey gooey good vibes.

We have students of all different body types, sizes, heights, abilities, fitness backgrounds, ages and so much more.

Safe to say – if you’re worried about being ‘the only one’ you’ll probably be surprised! Pole dancing is a sport, art and dance form that ANYONE can enjoy.

Want to discover more about pole? Message us!