I frequently have new students messaging me asking ‘what do I wear to a pole dancing class?’. Therefore, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a ‘master post’ of sorts, with information on which outfits you need for which classes.

“What do I wear to a pole dancing class for beginners?”

In Feelin’ Peachy’s Beginner Pole course we start with moves that do not require any leg grip. So, you can opt to wear leggings for your first few sessions if it improves your self-confidence.

You are just starting out so what you will be working on most are spins, basic climbs, and seats. For these moves you will need your legs and feet exposed to provide you with grip. At our studio we usually introduce these in your third or fourth session.

What you will need:

A pair of shorts. Most beginners opt for a plain black cycle short style as it is pole ready without showing ‘too much’ (you soon get over that!). These can be picked up in lots of places, including Primark or H&M for a budget friendly option. If you want something with good coverage but a bit more stylish, try shorts from a pole dancing brands.

A vest top or tshirt. If you are a little self-conscious about your tummy, which I know a lot of women are, then you can always wear a fun pole dancing top rather than opting for a crop top or sports bra to begin with.

What not to wear as you progress in pole:

❌ Trainers – unless for medical reasons, it is ideal to pole bare foot as you use your feet to climb and grip

❌ Leggings – you need your skin exposed in order to grip the pole

❌ Rings or bracelets – these can be dangerous AND scratch our precious poles! 😠

“What do I wear to a pole dancing class for more experienced students?”

After several months as a beginner you might be progressing to higher levels. As your confidence grows on the pole and in the classroom, you may want to experiment with different pole brands, and wear something a bit more expressive of your personality. 

What you will need:

A pair of pole shorts. This time you can try out some more revealing styles in flashy colours and prints! As your moves progress it is a good idea to stick with pole specific shorts because often they are designed with pole in mind, whilst other styles of shorts are not. Basically, this means gash-flash-proof crotch widths and sexy bum cuts! Yay!

A sports bra. By this point hopefully you are confident enough to shed that vest top, so it is about time you start to get some cute sports bras to match your pole shorts. Often these can be bought as sets from your favourite pole wear site.

“What do I wear to a pole dancing class which is heels or sexy?”

If you have a sexy pole choreography class lined up then it is best to wear something you are comfortable in. Sexy style pole is difficult enough as it is without throwing in knicker adjustments every two minutes. So dance in pole shorts, or dance in baggy tracksuit bottoms, wear whatever makes YOU feel sexy. However, if you would like to don something a bit more risqué then here is a selection for you.

What you will need:

Teeny tiny pole pants. 

Every sexy pole dancer needs their pole shoes! The brands of choice for many are Pleaser and Hella Heels. Pole heels help you to perfect the sexy style, including traces, thread throughs and leg variations – moves that just wouldn’t be the same without a stiletto heel. Here’s a pick of my favourite styles:

“What do I wear for a pole dancing class which is floor work based?”

Finally, so you have got the pole bug and now you want to learn those cool moves you see your favourite dancers and instructors doing off the pole on the floor. Clothing for a floor work class has got to be comfortable and give you plenty of range of motion for those flexy floor moves.

What you will need:

Leggings. I love wearing leggings to practice floor work because they allow you to slide around the floor, give you plenty of freedom of movement, and you can get them in soooo many jazzy prints and stylish designs!

Knee pads. Ensuring that your knees are protected is essential for any floor work class. Your knees are delicate and can become damaged if you do too much floor work without wearing pads.

Other great things to wear for a floor work class or workshop include thigh high socks and leg warmers (available from any dance shop or Amazon and Ebay).

What not to wear:

❌  Sticky leggings – so anything in leather or PU as it won’t slide on the floor as easily.

❌  Bare feet – depending on what moves you are doing you may wish to wear socks to protect your feet from floor burns.


What are your style picks?

Leave your favourite items in the comments for me to drool over. What is your clothing advice for any of the above classes?