Do you need to be strong to try pole dancing classes Birkenhead?

A lot of people who message me enquiring into taking pole dancing classes in Birkenhead at the Feelin’ Peachy Wirral pole dancing studio worry about how strong they have to be to start.


This is a common concern as it DOES take nice strong core, arms and back to execute many of the move you will learn in your pole dancing class, and many believe that if you do not have a dance or fitness background, that the lessons will be too difficult or challenging. However, beginner pole dancing classes are accessible to all, and this blog will explain why.


You may have seen pole dancers on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, and the moves they do are jaw dropping! You are probably thinking, ‘God I could NEVER do THAT! It is insane!’ and those moves ARE insane, but you CAN do it!


No fitness experience required

At the studio we welcome students from all walks of life, fitness backgrounds, weights and body types, and every other variation you can imagine. Whether you are a fitness fanatic who loves to pump iron, or someone whose exercise regime to this point has extended to walking to the fridge and back, beginner pole dancing classes Birkenhead CAN and WILL work for you.


In fact, when I (Peach) first started pole dancing, although I had done a little bit of strength training at the gym, I was mostly in the ‘walking to the fridge’ camp. I had never really been interested in sports, and I had flunked out of dance classes at a young age because I never enjoyed them! It was only when I first attended pole dancing classes I really discovered an exercise based class that kept me engaged, improved my strength, allowed me to flourish creatively, and made me realise that I could be a dancer.


Progress at your pace

pole dancing classes birkenhead At Feelin’ Peachy, our pole dancing classes Birkenhead allow you to progress at a rate that is completely right for you. Our syllabus isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and our instruction is based around providing you with a learning experience that is safe, fulfilling and fun.


Although we will encourage you to try new and challenging moves that may be out of your comfort zone, we have lots of experience teaching beginners of all different abilities, so we know exactly how to adapt our teaching to your requirements.


So if you sign up with zero upper body strength that isn’t a problem at all, as we can offer adaptations, technique points, and moves to help you to:


gain confidence in your own ability (because you will have more than you think!)

gradually build up your overall strength allowing you to try more challenging moves

develop improved body awareness and muscle engagement

No one starts as an expert

It is important to remember that our beginner pole dancing classes are called BEGINNER for a reason. No one is an expert when they first try their hand at something – artists, famous dancers or sports stars, gourmet chefs – they didn’t just wake up one day with all of those skills. All these skills require practice to learn and perfect, and whilst some people may have a more natural talent for certain things, these talents still need to be cultivated in order to flourish.


You can be confident that when you are attending a beginner class, it is precisely that – a class to show you the pole dancing basics, build up your strength, and give you plenty to learn and practice.




What are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter if you have the upper body strength of a kitten, beginner pole dancing classes in Birkenhead can work for you, so get booked on to your first class today. Or, contact us to find out more.