They are iconic – these platform stilettos, often transparent with clear plastic straps and heels higher than any shoe you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

“I couldn’t walk in those, let alone dance!!!” so many people exclaim when they see Peach’s small (OK – shamefully expansive) collection of pole dancing heels.

So, why do we dance in them? What is different in a ‘normal’ pole dancing class and one conducted in high heels? Find out below…

“What are the benefits of dancing in heels?”

They help you build and engage different muscle groups

Pole dancing tricks classes are great for working your core, arms, shoulders and back, as many of the moves we learn rely on the engagement of those muscle groups in order to execute them. Although many moves require the engagement of your legs in order to make them look beautiful, people often find the workout is more intense for their top half than it is their bottom.

If you are looking to intensify the muscle conditioning in your legs, butt and hips, adding in high heel shoes is a great way to do so. When learning how to dance in high heel shoes you will find yourself engaging your core for balance, along with your calves, thighs, glutes, and hips – even your ankles get a good workout!

Make your lines look looooong

When we talk of ‘lines’ we refer to the extensions of your limbs whilst you dance, an arm reaching out or a beautifully tensed leg with pointed foot.

Heels, which are often very tall in pole, can add 6 to 9 inches to these lines, making your legs look a mile long! And who doesn’t love feeling like a glamazon goddess?

Discover the flow and fluidity of the heel

There are certain specific training techniques that are unique when dancing in a pole dancing heel. Parts of the shoe are utilised for different spins, transitions and movements, particularly in Floor Work and low flow (what we call movements around the lower third of the pole).

Heels are not easier or harder to dance in that bare feet, which is a common misconception that they are either one or the other. However, they can make certain moves ‘easier’ and certain moves ‘more challenging’, it all depends on the specific thing that you are learning. But, dance styles that incorporate heels around the pole are given an extra fluidity when the heels are used to their full capacity, with many of the very best pole performers finding that heels give them an extra smoothness, flow or dynamism to their dancing.

Feel totally BAD ASS

Many people report how wearing their pole dancing heels makes them feel totally invincible. People who have struggled with self-esteem issue, body image issues, or not feeling ‘sexy enough’ discover how dancing in heels helps them to cultivate self-love, build up their self-confidence, and bring out their sensual, sassy or feminine side. Heels can be a way for a dancer to explore aspects of their personality that they may have been told are wrong, shameful or embarrassing, and this is incredibly empowering and uplifting for the individuals who fall in love with dancing in heels.

They are just so darn pretty!

If you love high heel shoes as much as us, you are sure to fall in love with pole dancing heels. A specific brand – Pleaser – offer a huge variety of styles, colours, heel heights and more, it is easy to get a little bit addicted cause they are so gorgeous.


“How is a heels class different?”

Learn unique transitions and moves

There are many movements that you will learn in a heels class that you won’t always learn in your tricks classes. Whilst your tricks classes focus on working towards your inverted moves, and building up your strength for certain spins and transitions, your heels class will focus primarily on learning the ‘dance’ element of pole dance. This includes transitions around the bottom third of the pole, as well as incorporating spin combos and basic tricks into a routine. Routines are not regularly learned in your standard tricks class, but choreography is a standard aspect of the heels classes at the Feelin’ Peachy studio.

Come in your glad rags

Many people take our heels classes as an opportunity to dance in their favourite outfits. Whether it is a cute bikini or a sexy bodysuit, some dancers enjoy the opportunity of exploring their sultry alter-ego in a safe and supportive environment.

If you would rather rock up in something more casual, that’s totally OK too. The fab thing about these classes is Peach’s relaxed approach to YOU discovering what YOU enjoy – rather than her simply telling you what to do!

Try out different heels styles

On that note – Peach isn’t just here to teach you HER style, she tries her very best to incorporate other styles into her lesson plans. Whether that is classique, exotic, strip plastic, urban, or any other ‘sexy styles’ from the world of pole and dance, she offers variety to suit every taste, so that you can find what works for you.

Don’t like heels? Don’t worry!

We know that not everyone is a fan of high heel shoes, or dancing in them. Although we encourage everyone to give it a go (try everything once!), if you’re more into your bare feet style of dance, that’s OK too. The great thing about pole dance is that you can do it however YOU like – whether that is sexy in heels, lyrical, theatrical, comedic, balletic, hip hop, burlesque, or whatever else you can imagine, you can find a way to take it on the pole!


To find out more about our pole dancing in heels classes click HERE.

Weekly classes are available as part of one of our membership packages, pop us a message to find out more.

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